Chef-Guard protects your Chef server from untested and uncommitted cookbooks

Customer Section

Each of the different sections will first show the applicable part of the configuration and then explain every config option separately.

[customer "demo1"]
  commitchanges   = true
  mailchanges     = false
  mode            = permissive
  blacklist       = ^some.*[^abd]ookbook$, ^another(?:some)?cook.*$

[customer "demo2"]
  mode            = enforced
  gitcookbookorgs = demo2    # If customer org(s) are used in conjunction with default org(s), the default orgs are searched first!

NOTE: This sections is only needed/used when you are using Enterprise Chef 11 or Chef 12!

The Customer Section is a special section that is only meant for setups that use Enterprise Chef 11 or Chef 12. The Customer Section does not have any ‘own’ settings, but you can override any specific setting configured in the Default Section. This enables you to have a completely different configuration for each individual Chef Organization. So they can for example have different operating modes or different mail domains. Simple specify the setting you want to override for a specific Chef Organization and assign it a custom value.

There are however 2 exceptions! Both the blacklist and the gitcookbookorgs settings are complementary to the values assigned to these settings in the Default Section. Meaning that they will both be used! Of all other settings only the custom value (in configured) will be used and the default one ignore.