A platform to host my open source initiatives

Xanzy Open Source Projects

Xanzy is a platform for me to host and document my open source initiatives as I believe that sharing code, and with that knowledge and tools, is the right thing to do!

On a more personal note

Yes, I do believe sharing code is the right thing to do! But at the same time letting people look right into your kitchen and even letting them get behind the stove, can sometimes be a little frightening. Especially for guys like me that think that they can and should always do better and will only share their code when it is ‘good enough’ to share.

Thankfully I learned (long time ago already, but habits are hard to break) that it will never be perfect and that you will keep learning and improving yourself every day. So you can refactor all your code every week without actually ever finishing anything, or you can just put the stuff you have today out there and just see how it envolves.

Contact Details

Email: sander@xanzy.io
IRC: svanharmelen
Github: svanharmelen
Twitter: @_svanharmelen_